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Oliver Twist

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

June 2008

Follow the story of young  orphan Oliver as he makes his journey from workhouse to London where he  meets Fagin, Bill Sykes and the Artful Dodger. Will he survive the  dangers of Victorian London and rediscover his lost family? A production  by the 12 - 15 year olds from Calderdale Theatre School.

Adapted by Neil Bartlett from the novel by Charles Dickens.


Fagin's Boys, Workhouse boy - Aiden

Rose - Amy

Nancy - Annie

Narrator - Bobbie

Tom, Workhouse boy - Brigid

Mr Grimwig, Mr Fang - Calum

Inmate, Workhouse boy - Catherine

Mr Sowerberry, Workhouse boy - Chakra

Charley, Workhouse boy - Daniel

Fagin's Boys, Workhouse boy - Ellie

Fagin's Boys, Workhouse boy - Emma

Bystander, Workhouse boy - Florence

Toby, Workhouse boy - Holly C

Inmate, Workhouse Boy - Holly O

Doctor, Musician - Isaac

Noah - James

Narrator - Jodie

Dodger, Workhouse boy - Joe F

Oliver - Joe C

Mr Bumble - Joseph

Narrator - Josie

Narrator - Katy

Chairman of the Board - Kyle

Inmate, Bystander, Workhouse boy - Laura

Mrs Sowerberry, Workhouse boy - Livi

Policeman - Mike

Fagin - Patrick

Inmate, Workhouse boy - Rachel F

Bystander, Boardmember, Servant - Rachel P

Narrator - Rebecca

Mr Brownlow - Robin

Mrs Bumble/Mrs Corney - Rosa

Bill Sykes - Rowan

Inmate, Bystander, workhouse boy - Sophie

Charlotte, Last minute witness - Tippy

Directed by Louise Clark and Stephen Finegold

Music by Nick McKie

Choreography by Jez Gregg

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