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A Year and a Day

Performed: 24th - 25th June 2011


Inspired by a ghost story that the playwright heard at a writers’ retreat in Ireland, the tale begins with a storyteller, two ghosts, two tribes and a lot of questions.  Even if you’re a sober sceptic, even if you don’t believe the story, will you still have the courage in you to look back at the end of the play…?

Cast & Crew

Written by: Christina Reid

Directed by: Robert Garrett & Adrienne Dean (assistant)

Full cast list (in alphabetical order):

Victoria Flanagan

Isabelle Forrester

Eve Gregory

Olivia Hudson

Beth Jones

Billy Marston

Joe Myers-Hill

Andrew Olley

Harry Prince

Fin Pritchard

Ella Saltiel

Georgia Scully

Holly Spence

Max Spolveratro

Esther Suthers

Shannon Tarandj

Jack Taylor

Josephine Tomlinson

Ellie Turner

Charlie Whitehead

Kitty Wilson-Duncan

The Girl

The Land Kritter

The Singer

Crimson / Silver Tribe

Crimson Trader

The Kritter

Silver Pontificator

Crimson / Silver Tribe

Crimson / Silver Tribe

Silver Acolyte

Crimson Acolyte

Crimson / Silver Tribe

The Water Kritter

Crimson / Silver Tribe

Silver Trader

Crimson / Silver Tribe

The Musician

The Storyteller

Crimson / Silver Tribe

The Tree Kritter

Crimson Pontificator


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