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Performed: 23rd - 25th May 2007


Join Alice as she ventures through wonderland encountering an eccentric egg, troublesome twins, a clever creepy crawly and a cat with a grin. The twists and turns of Alice's topsy-turvy journey lead from a very unusual tea party to a royal game of croquet with many other adventures in between.

But will she ever find the elusive White Rabbit?

Performed by the 11-15 year old students, Calderdale Theatre School are proud to present the premiere of this new adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic tales Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Cast & Crew

Written by: Louise Clark

Directed by: Stephen Finegold, Robert Garret & Gail Waddington

Music by: Matthew Finegold

Choreography: Jez Gregg

Full cast list (in alphabetical order):

Lisa Boardman

David Brewster

Livvi Brown

Holly Carter

Rowan Carter

Tawny Castle

Dario Coates

Patrick Costello

Zoe Cox

Rebecca Crossfield

Ellie Dyson

Becky Ellis

Annie Faulds

Joe Ferguson

Rachel Ferguson

Ben Finch

Joseph Finegold

Ellie Firth

Aidan Good

Rachel Griffiths

Sam Harlow

Sam Heron

Bobbie Horsfall

Oliver Hull

James Huson

Daniel Hutchinson

Mike James

Amy Leonard

Chakra Mangglingan

Sophie Marsden

Rowan Mataran

Amy Moorhouse

Ella Mottram

Brigid Murphy

Robin Oakley

Holly Overend

Kyle Peckover

Jodie Pilkington

Hannah Pilkington

Heather Plumpton

Rachel Pygott

White Rabbit

Katy Rainford

Catherine Russell

Claire Saltiel

Jessica Stanley

James Stewart

Juliet Strobel

Laura Thompson

Tippy Uhuru

Jasmine Walpole Spi

Emma Wisniewski

Sugar bowl, Gardener

Jabber, Hoop

Coffee Pot, 2nd Pigeon

Jabber, Hedgehog ball, Rose

Gardener, Guard

Statue, Gardener

Mad Hatter




Rose, Gardener

Dinah, March Hare

Alice 3

King of Hearts

Jabber, Croquet Hoop


Footman, Signpost

Jabber, Hoop, Rose

Jabber, Hoop

Alice 1

Gardener, Somebody

Dormouse, Willow


Statue, Gardener

Mouse, Knave of Hearts

Teacup, Gardener

Teacup, Dandelion

Alice 4

Teacup, Dandelion, Gardener

Pansy, Guard

Alice 2

Messenger, Signpost

Daisy, Anybody


Humpty Dumpty

Jabber, Mallet, Rose

Jabber, Mallet

Jabber, Mallet, Rose

Cook, First Pigeon

Cheshire Cat

Daisy, Guard

Susi Colclough

Jabber, Hedgehog ball, Rose

Jabber, Hoop, Rose

Tiger Lily, Gardener

Queen of Hearts


Jabber, Hoop, Rose

Teacup, Daisy

Teapot, Pansy

Jabber, Hedgehog Ball, Rose

Jabber, Hoop


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