Calderdale Theatre School Association is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charity Commission. All parents / carers of students and the students are members of CTSA. The affairs of the organisation are managed by the trustees who are elected by the members at an annual general meeting.


Rachel Smith - Chair

I took my children to see the CTS production of Dracula Spectacular in 1993 and they were hooked, joining as soon as they were old enough. They both left when they were 18 but the staff and volunteers were so friendly and the students such fun, that I stayed. I took on collecting the fees and have not yet managed to find anyone else to take over the job.

Gerry Powell - Treasurer


Paul and Sarah Cotton - joint Secretaries

Our two boys Joe and Sol were very enthusiastic members of CTS between 2006 and 2015. They got so much out of it; confidence, friends and social skills, as well as all the theatre skills and experience, that we felt we needed to give something back.

Tony Clark

Alison Roberts

Adelle Beswick

Michaela O'Sullivan

Janet Spooner

I have 3 children and CTS has been a big part of their teenage years. It has given them the opportunity to grow in confidence, to meet new friends, to be creative and to develop their dramatic skills. As a former actor and now a teacher, I can see the value that CTS adds. Run by dedicated professionals and centred on the child, it is a safe, exciting and engaging environment.