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Island Of The Mighty

Performed: 24th - 26th May 2006


This brand new play, an exhilarating romp through Celtic history as it might have been, has been specially commissioned for Calderdale Theatre School. This new play and includes songs, music, dance, witches, knights, kings, princesses, treachery, heroism and much, much more...

Cast & Crew

Written by: Robert Garrett

Directed by: Robert Garrett & Gail Waddington

Music by: Dave Nelson

Choreography: Jez Gregg

Full cast list (in alphabetical order):

Katie Allcott

Madeleine Beresford

Elise Birch

Martha Blakey

Katie Bretherick

Laurie Brown

Max Drake

Adam Garrett

Amber Gilmour

Sam Hackett

Calum Holden Cooper

Lauretta Holroyd

Ruth Holtom

Kate Hurst

Michael Kitchin

Pravinder Makh

Lucy McCann

Sophia Mihailovic

Katy Mikolajczak

Holly Page

Bethan Paramor

Stephanie Powell

Alex Reynolds

Helen Rodgers

Daniel Scadden

Daniel Smith

Annabel Sykes

James Taylor

Florence Wheeler

Dorothy Greenwood

Miss Maria Ackroyd

Jenny Greenwood

Mary Greenwood

Coroner, Piece Worker

Major Burnside

Fred, Soldier

James Ackroyd

Miss Victoria Ackroyd

Mr. Miller, Soldier


Mrs Annie Ackroyd

Sarah Greenwood

Mill Girl


Tom the Tinker

Dorothy Greenwood

Mill Girl

Mill Girl

Mill Girl, Fair Violinist

Annie, Narrator

Mill Girl

Narrator, Mill Girl

Coroner, Mill Girl

Jack Bidwell

John Greenwood

Mill Girl


Elsie Carter


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