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ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) 

"ISTA is an international arts organisation.
A community of young people, teachers and artists.
A registered charity based in the South West of England.
Committed to providing high quality experiences that develop creative learning and internationalism through theatre.
We value diversity and collaboration, celebration and play, friendship and collegiality."

Theatre School has been a member of ISTA since 2006 and in that time older Theatre School members have been lucky enough to attend festivals in The Hague (twice), Brussels, Budapest, Terezin Memorial Camp in the Czech Republic, Berlin, Lisbon, the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow (twice), The Eden Project in Cornwall, Prague, Dusseldorf and London. In addition we have been part of summer holiday festivals in Porthleven, Cornwall. We have also hosted two festivals here in Calderdale and have welcomed young people from international schools in Madrid, Stavanger, Rome, Dubai, Lagos, Heidelberg and London.

A short film was made about the last festival that we hosted. Take a look.

Theatre School was the first ISTA Flagship School in the UK and that gave us the chance to explore opportunities for young people aged 18 – 25 the chance to extend their experiences of working with ISTA a small example of the work they did is below.

You can find out more about ISTA by contacting us or visiting the ISTA website

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