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Life Is A Four Letter Word

Performed: 21st-23rd April 2005


This is the premiere of a new play written by local actor, writer, director Stephen Finegold. With original songs and music written by local musician Dave Nelson, this play looks at the age old question of life and what happens after it. Do our actions in life affect what happens after it? How will Joe Public fare when he is suddenly called to present his life's accounts? Performed by the older students (aged 15-19) from Calderdale Theatre School, Life Is A Four Letter Word is both an amusing and thought provoking play.

Cast & Crew

Written by: Stephen Finegold

Director: Frank Brown, Gillie Kerrod

Choreography: Jez Gregg

Full cast list (in alphabetical order):

Madeleine Beresford

Elise Birch

Martha Blakey

Laurie Brown

Abby Clyndes

Amanda Ellis

Adam Garrett

Sam Hackett

Heather Hepworth

Calum Holden Cooper

Miriam Kay

Chris Keegan

Lauren Krenc

Prav Makh

Lucy McCann

Gordon Powell

Stephanie Powell

Alex Scadden

Daniel Smith

Daniel Sykes

James Taylor

Robert Tyson

Sarah Veevers

Florence Wheeler

Cash, Faith, Youth


Jewell, Lust

Friend, Sloth

Old Lady, Counsellor

Messenger, Envy


Stuff, Touch

Love, Hope

Bro, Old Man

Buddy, Gluttony


Mum, Mrs Age, Taste


Chum, Sight

Dad, Mr Skill, Sound

Charity, Looks

Pall, Wheels, Smell

Joe Public


Mate, Mr Savvy, Strength

Bank, Head

Sis, Prudence



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