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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Performed: 21st - 23rd March 2013


A cast of 35 young actors aged 15 – 19 bring to life this classic children’s tale of good versus evil. Four siblings, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, become lost in the magical world of Narnia when they pass through a mysterious wardrobe door. They encounter a land ruled by the White Witch who has cast a spell making it forever winter. Talking animals, magical creatures, a perilous journey, a fight for freedom culminating in an epic battle. This play has it all! 


Original music written for the production by Matthew Finegold and the physical theatre sequences have been devised and directed by Jez Gregg, until last year Head of Dance at Calder High School and former Calderdale Theatre School member himself.


Cast & Crew

Written by: Teresa Heskins from the novel by C S Lewis

Music by: Matthew Finegold

Directed by: Stephen Finegold & Gillie Kerrod (assistant)

Choreography: Jez Gregg

Full cast list (in alphabetical order):

Juliette Strobel

Joe Cotton

Isabelle Forrester

Sol Cotton

Jack Prince

Molly Ehrenberg Peters

Joe Moorhead

Rosie Orford

Dan Cox

Josephine Tomlinson

Tom Wilsher

Katy Rainford

William Foulds

Billy Marston

Jake O’Neill

William Pugh

Joanne Rogers

Ruth Coulson                                          Jujin Whippey

Charlotte Oddy                   

Rachel Jowett                                       George Seabourne

Ceri Boddis

Penny Brown                                       Jonny Stewart

Robyn Allanson

Beth Jones                                           Sam Wharvell

Holly Carter                          

Emma Wisniewski                                Aidan Good

Catherine Russell               

Fin Pritchard





Father, Parent

Mother, Parent

Professor, Soldier

Mrs McReady, Children

Tumnus, Parent

White Witch, Wife/Girlfriend

Queen's Driver, Children

Mrs Beaver, Wife/Girlfriend

Mr Beaver, Soldier

Maugrim, Soldier

Father Christmas

Aslan, Soldier

Chorus, Children

Chorus, Children

Chorus, Railway Guard, Wardrobe

Chorus, Children          

Chorus, Children

Chorus, Grandad

Chorus, WRVS Lady

Chorus, Wife/Girlfriend, Wardrobe

Chorus, Railway Porter

Chorus, Parent

Chorus, Children, Wardrobe

Chorus, Parent

Chorus, Wife/Girlfriend

Chorus, Parent, Wardrobe

Chorus, Soldier, Railway Porter

Chorus, Wife/Girlfriend, Wardrobe

Chorus, Soldier

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