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The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (Part I)

Performed: 18-19th March 2004 & 30th March 2004


There have been several film version of Nicholas Nickleby including an Ealing classic version, an animated version and most recently a Hollywood feature film starring Jamie Bell (Smike) and Charlie Hunnam (Nicholas) in which the location for the infamouse Dotheboys Hall was Gibson Mill in the local beauty spot Hardcastle Crags. Several local boys were involved as extras including three from our casts; Dean Robinson (Ralph Nickleby in Part II), Daniel Smith (Smike in Part I) and Michael Borrow (Crowl and Mr Blightey in Part II). They were involved in several night shoots and were all suitably terrified by the actor Jim Broadbent's portrayal of Wackford Squeers. This stage adaption of Nicholas Nickleby was originally presented in June 1980 by the Royal Shakespere Company at the Aldwych Theatre in London. The production transfered to Broadway and was also televised for Channel 4. The plays were a result of five weeks of discussions, workshops and experiments undertaken by the 45 members of the RSC under the direction of Trevor Nunn and John Caird.

Cast & Crew

Director: Frank Brown, Gillie Kerrod & Stephen Finegold

Musical Direction: Dave Nelson

Full cast list (in alphabetical order):

Joe Ackroyd               

Emily Bell    

Chris Bennetts              

Madeleine Beresford      

Elise Birch                           

Jenny Birch

Martha Blakey

Jack Brewster

Laurie Brown

Tawny Castle-Pearce

Kristian Chilcott

Abby Clyndes

Susannah Colclough

Jasmine Costello

Sam Denton

Max Drake

Amanda Ellis

Rebecca Ellis

James Evans

Eve Feguson

Ella Ferguson

Adam Garrett

Rachel Griffiths

Sam Hackett

Calum Holden Cooper

Ruth Holtom

Chris Keegan

Maisha Kingu

Michael Kitchin

Lauren Krenc

Bryony Malorie Smith

Abby Margetts

Rowan Mataran

Sara Mir

Bethan Paramor

Heather Plumpton

Helen Rodgers

Daniel Smith

Daniel Sykes

Emma Thomas

Jenny Wilton

Jessica Woodhead

Helen Wright


Master Crummles

Jackson / Milliner

Vincent Crummles

Miss Snevellici

Mrs Squeers

Phib / Miss Gazingi

Kate Nickleby

Tomkins / Scaley

Nicholas Nickleby

Dotheboys Schoolboy

Jennings / Snobb

Mrs Nickleby

Dotheboys Schoolboy

Dotheboys Schoolboy

Mr Mantalini

Coates / Footman

Madame Mantalini


Master Crummles

Peters / Mrs Grudden

Pitcher / Mrs Heatherington

Ralph Nickleby


Snawley boy / Mr Blightey

Newman Noggs

Sprouter / Miss Paley

Wackford Squeers

Tix / Dotheboys Schoolboy

Young Wackford

Miss Knag

Tilda Price

Mobbs / Hannah

Dotheboys Schoolboy

Mrs Crummles

Miss Wagstaff / Milliner


Mrs Snawley


John Browdie

Fanny Squeers



Miss La Creevy


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