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The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (Part II)

Performed: 25-27th March 2004


There have been several film version of Nicholas Nickleby including an Ealing classic version, an animated version and most recently a Hollywood feature film starring Jamie Bell (Smike) and Charlie Hunnam (Nicholas) in which the location for the infamouse Dotheboys Hall was Gibson Mill in the local beauty spot Hardcastle Crags. Several local boys were involved as extras including three from our casts; Dean Robinson (Ralph Nickleby in Part II), Daniel Smith (Smike in Part I) and Michael Borrow (Crowl and Mr Blightey in Part II). They were involved in several night shoots and were all suitably terrified by the actor Jim Broadbent's portrayal of Wackford Squeers. This stage adaption of Nicholas Nickleby was originally presented in June 1980 by the Royal Shakespere Company at the Aldwych Theatre in London. The production transfered to Broadway and was also televised for Channel 4. The plays were a result of five weeks of discussions, workshops and experiments undertaken by the 45 members of the RSC under the direction of Trevor Nunn and John Caird.

Cast & Crew

Director: Frank Brown, Gillie Kerrod & Stephen Finegold

Musical Direction: Dave Nelson

Full cast list (in alphabetical order):

Billy Adams

Akeel Ahmed

Katie Allcott

Alice Baker

Amy Bascombe

Stephanie Berry

Gwen Blakey

Kathy Bradbury

Alex Drake

Bridget Holtom

Jun Hon Lau

Zac Jones

Miriam Kay

Pravinder Makh

Ross Malone

Lucy McCann

Sophia Mihailovic

Holly Page

Sidonie Pask

Gordon Powell

Stephanie Powell

Tamar Riley

Dean Robinson

Alex Scadden

Daniel Scadden

Amy Searle

James Taylor

Simon Thompson

Robert Tyson

Sarah Veevers

Emma Waddington

Michael Warner Borrow

Michelle Warner Borrow

Leila Wehden

Florence Wheeler

Matthew Wood


Young Wackford / Walter

Mr Pluck

Alphonsina / Phib

Belling / Box Keeper

Mrs Wititterley

Peg Sliderskew

Bolder / Miss Paley

Kate Nickleby

John Browdie / Walter Bray

Mrs Belavawney / Wanda

Frank Cheeryble / Folair


Mrs Snevellici / Greymarsh

Sir Mulberry Hawk

Mr Pyke / Brooker

Mrs Squeers / Mrs Lenville

Coates / Hannah

Miss Ledrook / Whilemina

Miss Gazingi / Cobbey

Charles Cheeryble / Gride

Miss Bravassa / Tomkins

Mrs Snawley

Ralph Nickleby

Newman Noggs

Vincent Crummles

Mrs Nickleby

Lord Frederick Verisopht

Nicholas Nickleby

Ned Cheeryble

Fanny Squeers

Miss La Creevy

Young Snawley / Crowl

Madeline Bray

Miss Snevellici

Tilda Price / Mrs Grudden

Wackford Squeers


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