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A Golden Voyage

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

March 2002

The  story of Jason and the Argonauts, or Argonautica, was well known in the  ancient world as The Odyssey. All the great dramatists wrote plays  about it. The Aeschylus and Sophocles versions are lost; the only one  which survives is Euripedes' Medea. A brilliant creation in its own  right, and still the basis for modern adaptations of the myth, it is not  the whole truth.

Robert Graves, in his book 'The Greek Myths' says:

    "Some people, misled by the dramatic Euripedes, whom the Corinthians bribed with fifteen talents of silver to absolve them of guilt, pretend that Medea killed two of her children ... Whether Medea, Jason or the Corinthians sacrificed the children became an important question only later ... since any drama which one a prize at the Athenean festival in honour of Dionysus at once acquired relgious authority."

And  so the myth of Medea, child killer, came down to us. This version by Robert Garrett attempts to untangle the story threads and redress the balance.


Meleager - Alex

Pheres / Rhea - Amy L

Marty -- MC - Amy S

Perimede / Evadne - April

Aeson / Sinon - Ben C

Admetus - Ben H

Amatheon / Glauce - Bethan

Jason 1 - Christopher

Helen / Echo - Clare

Acastus - Dean

Ida / Cara – Emma C

Hesione - Emma W

Creon / Belus - Jack

Medea - Jessie

Athene - Joanna

Hylas / Apsyrtus - Joe

Jason 2 – Jonathan Wr

Pelias / Zeus - Jonathon Wa

Cheiron / Argus - Joshua

Atalanta - Kathy

Alcestis - Lucy

Hera - Mary

Orpheus - Matthew

Penelope - Natalie

Castor - Neale

Io - Nicola

Aphrodite - Phoebe

Tiphys / Aeetes - Pravinder

Queen Cleite - Rachel

Heracles - Ryan

Apemantus - Scott

Ancaeus - Simon

Medea's children 1 - Max, Emily H, Shekina, Daniel

Medea's children 2 - Bridget, Ruth, Bethan, Helen

Medea's children 3 - Alice, Emily B, Ella, Max

Directed by Frank Brown & Gillie Kerrod

Music by Dave Nelson

Set by Tony Clark

Lighting by Tony Clark & Laurence Dowson

Props by Louise Clark

Costume by Tracy Drake, Aileen Walker, Jan Holden & Janet Oosthuysen

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