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A Year and a Day

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

June 2011

Inspired by a  ghost story that the playwright heard at a writers’ retreat in Ireland,  the tale begins with a storyteller, two ghosts, two tribes and a lot of  questions.  Even if you’re a sober sceptic, even if you don’t believe  the story, will you still have the courage in you to look back at the  end of the play…?

Written by Christina Reid.

Do you have any photos of this production? If so please contact us via the website.


Crimson / Silver Tribe - Andrew

Crimson Trader - Beth

The Kritter - Billy

The Tree Kritter - Charlie

Crimson Acolyte - Ella

Crimson / Silver Tribe - Ellie

Silver Trader - Esther

The Singer - Eve

Silver Acolyte - Fin

Crimson / Silver Tribe - Georgia

Crimson / Silver Tribe - Harry

The Water Kritter - Holly

The Land Kritter - Isabelle

The Musician - Jack

Silver Pontificator - Joe

The Storyteller - Josephine

Crimson Pontificator - Kitty

Crimson / Silver Tribe - Max

Crimson / Silver Tribe - Olivia

Crimson / Silver Tribe - Shannon

The Girl - Victoria

Directed by Robert Garrett

Assisted by Adrienne Dean

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