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Alice 2007

The Orange Box Studio Theatre, Halifax

June 2017

Join Alice as she ventures through wonderland encountering an eccentric egg, troublesome twins, a clever creepy crawly and a cat with a grin. The twists and turns of Alice's topsy-turvy journey lead from a very unusual tea party to a royal game of croquet with many other adventures in between.

But will she ever find the elusive White Rabbit?

A new adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic tales Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Louise Clark.


Aidan - Jabber, Hoop

Amy L - Alice 4

Amy M - Messenger, Signpost

Annie - Alice 3

Becky - Dinah, March Hare

Ben - Tweedledee 

Bobbie - Daisy

Brigid - Daisy

Catherine - Jabber, Hoop, Rose

Claire - Tiger Lily, Gardener

Chakra - Teacup, Dandelion, Gardener

Daniel - Teacup, Gardener

Dario - Mad Hatter

David - Jabber, Hoop

Ella - Daisy, Anybody

Ellie D - Rose, Gardener

Ellie F - Jabber, Hoop, Rose

Emma - Jabber, Hoop

Hannah - Cook, First Pigeon

Heather - Cheshire Cat

Holly C - Jabber, Hedgehog ball, Rose

Holly O - Jabber, Mallet, Rose

James - Mouse, Knave of Hearts

James S - Tweedledum

Jasmine - Jabber, Hedgehog Ball, Rose

Jessica - Queen of Hearts

Jodie - Jabber, Mallet, Rose

Joe - King of Hearts

Joseph - Footman, Signpost

Juliette - Jabber, Hoop, Rose

Katy - Jabber, Hedgehog ball, Rose

Kyle - Jabber, Mallet

Laura - Teacup, Daisy 

Lisa - Sugar bowl, Gardener

Livvi - Coffee Pot, 2nd Pigeon

Mike - Teacup, Dandelion 

Oliver - Statue, Gardener

Patrick - Caterpillar

Rachel F - Jabber, Croquet Hoop

Rachel G - Alice 1

Rachel P - Daisy, Guard 

Rebecca - Bread'n'Butterfly

Robin - Humpty Dumpty

Rowan C - Gardener, Guard 

Rowan M - Alice 2

Sam Ha - Gardener, Somebody

Sam He - Dormouse, Willow 

Sophie - Pansy, Guard

Susi - White Rabbit

Tawny - Statue, Gardener

Tippy - Teapot, Pansy 

Zoe - Duchess

Written by Louise Clark

Directed by Stephen Finegold, Robert Garret & Gail Waddington

Music by Matthew Finegold

Choreography by Jez Gregg

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