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Animal Farm 2002

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

April 2002

Peter Hall's much-acclaimed dramatization of George Orwell's classic allegorical novel was first seen at the National Theatre in 1984. The play starts with a schoolboy sitting down to read the novel by a toy farmyard. As he reads, the farmyard comes to life…


Muriel - Abby

Sheep - Abigail

Old Major, Napoleon's Dog - Adam

Boxer - Alex G

Mr Jones, Young Pig, Mr Pilkington - Alex S

Squealer - Amanda

Mollie - Amy

Boxer - Andrea

Benjamin - Bryony

Snowball - Calum

Napoleon - Chris

Benjamin, Napoleon's Dog - Daniel Sm

Napoleon's Dog, Mr Whymper - Daniel Sy

Hen - Dominique

Squealer - Elise

Hen - Emma

Cow - Florence

Young Pig - George

Napoleon, Napoleon's Dog - Gordon

The Boy (Narrators)

Tom Pearson

Martha Blakey

George Robers

Matthew Richards

Katie Ackroyd

Stephanie Berry

The Cat - Jennie

Sheep - Jennifer

Sheep - Jessica

Hen - Jocasta

Pigeon - Jodie

Clover - Lauren

Hen - Michelle

Hen - Miriam

Cow - Chiara

Hen - Romany

Clover - Ruth

Young Pig - Sam

Moses - Sara

Minimus - Stephanie B

Sheep - Stephanie P

Cow - Tamar

Muriel - Vanessa

Directed by Robert Garrett & Gail Waddington

Music by Dave Nelson

Movement by Jerry Gregg

Set by Tony Clark

Costume by Tracy Drake, Aileen Walker, Jan Holden & Sue Margetts

Props by Louise Clark

Lighting by Tony Clark & Lawrence Dowson

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