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Coram Boy

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

April 2009

Set  in 18th century England, Coram Boy is a tale of two orphans at the  Coram Hospital for Foundling Children - one an abandoned son of the heir  of a great estate, the other rescued from a slave ship - how they got  there and how their lives are intertwined with those of slave trader  Otis and his son Meshak.

It was written for performance at the National Theatre and prompted Philip Pullman to say:

"A  rich and almost gothic drama, full of dastardly villains, cold hearted  aristocrats, devoted friends and passionate lovers, set against a  background of cruelty, music and murder."

Adapted by Helen Edmundson from the novel by Jamila Gavin.


Coram Governor, Musicial - Aidan

Melissa Milcote (adult) - Annie

Isobel Ashbrook (young) - Brigid

Dr Smith - Calum

Meshak Gardiner - Dario

Mrs Milcote - Ellie

George   Frideric Handel, Street Musician - Isaac

Thomas Ledbury (adult) - James H

Otis Gardiner, Philip Gaddarn - James P

Workhouse Man, Trader - James S

Mrs Lynch - Jenny

Isobel Ashbrook (adult) - Jessica

Choirboy, Trader - Joe

Thomas Ledbury (young) - Johnny

Sir William Ashbrook - Joseph

Young Mother - Josie

Gaddarn's Servant - Mike

Choirboy, Gaddarn's Servant - Oliver

Alice Ashbrook (adult) - Olivia

Alexander Ashbrook (adult) - Patrick

Miss Price - Rachel G

Young Mother, Maid - Rachel P

Young Mother - Rebecca C

Lady Ashbrook - Rebecca E

Lady Benefactor of Coram Hospital - Rosa

Theodore Claymore - Rowan

Alexander Ashbrook - Sam

Mrs Hendy - Sophie

Mrs Claymore - Steph

Lady Ashbrook's Maid - Susi

Young Mother - Tippy

Melissa Milcote (young) - Zoe

Directed by Gillie Kerrod & Stephen Finegold

Choreography by Jez Gregg

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