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Emil and the Detectives

The Orange Box Studio Theatre, Halifax

July 2016

Join Emil as he leaves his mother and his small town to go on an  exciting journey. When his money is stolen on the train he thinks he's  lost everything, but then he discovers that his not alone in the big  city after all...

Adapted by Carl Miller from the book by Erik Kastner.


Emil Tischbein - Max

Ida Tischbein - Sophie

Mrs Wirth - Aislinn

Mrs Jacob - Laura

Mrs Keuchen - Maddy

Heinrich the goat, Arnie Middleton - Joseph

Mr Snow - Ewan

Grandma - Olivia

Miss Zettel - Jessica

Man from 177 Tram, Station Official - Arthur 

Miss Kloss - Charlotte

Mrs Gan - Elle Jane

Mr Tuesday - Elliot

Mrs Tuesday - Libby

Officer Weissl, Petzold - William

Mrs Schlesinger - Charlotte

Toots (puppet *2nd half)) - Jacob

Hilde - Cerys

The Professor - Mollie

Silent Irene or Isaac - Yolan

Gerda - Saskia

Pony, the hat (puppet) - Maya

Toots (puppet (1st half)) - Charlie

Tuesday - Jack

Tram Passengers 

Bank Cuatomers

Newspaper Sellers



Station Officials

The Detectives

Played by members of the cast

Directed by Robert Garrett & Ben Healey

Choreography by Katie Allcott

Lighting by Joe Moorhead

Set by Tony Clark

Costumes by Adelle Beswick & Alison Roberts

Props & Puppets by Jennifer Birch

Publicity & Front of House by William Foulds

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