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Great Expectations

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Haliax

March 2018

Whilst at his parents' graveside, Pip is accosted by Magwitch, a  convict escaped from one of the prison ships. Terrified, he is forced to  help the man to get away. An unexpected invitation to the house of rich  old Miss Havisham forces him into the path of her beautiful, cruel  niece Estella and their strange, ruthless games. After an anonymous  benefactor grants him a small fortune, Pip turns his back on his humble  life as a blacksmith's apprentice – he moves to London to become a  gentleman in the hopes of winning Estella. But he has no idea of the  dangers that await him there, or from where his salvation will come.

This adaptation of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, by Nick Ormerod and Declan Donnellan was first performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company.


Mrs Wopsle - Aislinn

Bentley Drummle - Arthur

Joe Gargery - Ben

Pip (younger) - Charlie

Estella (older) - Charlotte

Herbert Pocket (older) - Christian

Uncle Pumblechook - Elliot

Mrs Joe Gargery - Emmy

Mr Jaggers - Henry

Estella (young), Wemmick - Hollie

Herbert Pocket (younger) - Jacob

Great Expectations is an ensemble play and all the cast played many and various roles , in addition to creating crowds, London street scenes, boats, misty marshes and much, much more.

Orlick - James

Compeyson - Josh

MIss Haversham - Lily

 Miss Haversham's maid - Madeleine

Pip (older) - Max B

Magwitch - Max H

Biddy - Maya

Mrs Hubble - Mia

Molly - Mollie

Miss Hubble - Olivia

Startop, Young Magwitch - Yolan

Directed by Gillian Kerrod and Adam Garrett

Movement by Katie Allcott 

Fight direction by Ben Healey

Lighting design by Angus Froste

Sound by Sam Mitchell

Costumes by Adelle Beswick and Alison Roberts

Set by Tony Clark

Props by Jenny Birch

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