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His Dark Materials Part Two

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

April 2009

Lyra and Will find  themselves embarked on a thrilling journey through worlds familiar and  unknown. They encounter amazing creatures in parallel worlds -  rebellious angels, soul-eating Spectres, child-catching Gobblers and the  armoured bears and witches of the Arctic. Their great quest demands a  savage struggle against the most dangerous of enemies and a visit to the  Land of the Dead from which no one has ever returned.

Written by Nichols Wright based on the novels by Philip Pullman.


Bear, Cleric - Aidan G

Kirjava - Beth

Stelmaria - Brigid

President - Calum

Cleric, Bear - Chakra

Paulo, Bear - Charlie

Lord Asriel - Dario

Witch, Ghost Child - Emily

Soldier, Ghost - Emma

Bear, Ghost Child - Fin

Caitlin, Ghost - Florence

Bear, Ghost Child - Freddie

Cleric, Sister of the Holy Purpose - Holly

Lord Boreal, Baruch - Isaac

Golden Monkey - Jack

Will Parry - James P

Lyra Belacqua - Jenny

Serafina - Jess

Brother Jasper - Joe

Balthamos, Tyalis - Johnny

Witch, Mrs Perkins - Josephine

Grimhild, Hannah - Josie

Angelica - Juliette

Pantalaimon - Kieran

Soldier, Ghost - Kitty

Roger - Kyle

No Name - Nikki

Jasper's Daemon, Mother Jones - Rachel P

Iorek - Rowan C

Mrs Coulter - Rowan M

Jopari, Lord Roke - Sam Ha

Witch, Ghost - Samantha

Pipistrelle, Harpy - Steph

Ruta Skadi, Lady Salmakia - Susi

Kaisa, Perpetua - Victoria

Directed by Gillie Kerrod, Frank Brown, Robert Garrett, Stephen Finegold, Ben Healey

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