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Oh What a Lovely War 2014

Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

April 2014

Oh, What a Lovely War! is an epic musical developed by Joan Littlewood and her ensemble at the Theatre Workshop at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East in 1963. It is a satire on World War I, and by extension on war in general. The title is derived from the "somewhat satirical" music hall song "Oh! It's a Lovely War!".


British General/Scottish Ghillie – Robyn

Circus Acrobat/Stall holder/Soldier - Penny

Singer/Fanny Carby - Layla

Field Marshal Haig - Sol

Switzerland/Medical Officer - Ruth

Kaiser Wilhelm/Irish & English Soldier - Dan

Ann Beach/Nurse - Molly

Soldier/Dancer/Heckler - Eleanor

Irish Soldier/Newsgirl – Isabelle Fi

Soldier/Englishwoman - Charlotte

Lady Haig/Nurse – Isabelle Fo

Sir John French - William

Lady Myvanwy Jenn/France - Georgie

Mrs Pankhurst/Soldier - Rachel

Sergeant Major - Billy

Lancashire Girl/Austria - Olivia

Master of Ceremonies - Colette

Irish Soldier/Wounded Soldier - Joe

French Cavalry/Soldier - Jack

New Recruit/Heckler/Soldier - Fin

Russia/American Profiteer - Joanne

Businesswoman/Junior Officer - Abigail

Sir Henry Wilson/Chaplain - Charles

General Moltke/English Officer - Chris

German Herald/French Officer - Daniel

Serbian Secret Policeman/George - George

Sir Henry Rawlinson/Britain - Robin

Driver/Photographer/Soldier - Jonathan

Germany/Irish Sergeant - Josephine

English Aide/French Soldier - Sam

Luxembourg Soldier/Runner - Jujin

General Moranville/French Officer - Tom

Directed by Gillie Kerrod & Stephen Finegold

Choreography by Lizzie Ali

Lighting by Matt Blackmore

Sound by Richard Olive

Set by Tony Clark

Props by Helen Wright & Louise Clark

Costume by Adelle Beswick, Gillian Brown, Tracy Drake, Jayne McNulty & Alison Roberts

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