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Rumour and the Rope Trick

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

June 2011

Step  back in time and step back stage at one of the greatest magic shows in  history! Written by the award winning playwright Tom Bidwell, Rumour and  the Rope Trick is a mysterious, and humorous, journey into the secret  and seductive world of magic at the turn of the century, when the  sorcerers of the East meet the magicians of the West and battle to be  the star of the show! And with the most mystifying trick of all time due  to be performed tonight, what could possibly go wrong?

Performed by the Year 9 group as part of three evenings of one-act plays.

Do you have any photos of this performance? If so please let us know via the website.


Mee - Beth R

Holland, Pip - Beth S

Kramp - Ceri

Boy - Charlotte

Sossman, Laka - Ellie

Chief - Jack

Taffy, Neyon - Joanne

Eliot, Cannon - Jonathan

Kosmo - Jujin

Devant, Lucy - Molly

Panda - Penny

Jonte - Rachel

Stodare - Rosie

Nog - Ruth

Narrator - Sol

Rudder - Tom

Directed by Louise Clark

Assisted by Jenny Birch 

Music by Sam, James H and James P

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