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Say Goodbye to Satchwell Road

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

May 2003

Exploring the experience of  the 1939 evacuation, its effects upon a group of London schoolchildren  from various backgrounds and upon the Norfolk adults and children on  whom they are billeted, Say Goodbye to Satchwell Road is a moving  musical drama in which the characters attempt to come to terms with  their situation and the impending reality of war.

Written by Peter Nixon.


London Adults

John Reed – teacher - Adam

Jack Haynes - Daniel Sc

Stan Crawford - George

Mrs Bell – headmistress - Helen W

Railway Guard - Jack

Miss Gridley  - Katie Ac

Peggy Crawford  - Leila

Vera Haynes - Romany

Rita Spedding - Stephanie


LCC Committee - Amber

BBC Announcer - Bethan

LCC Committee - Eve

LCC Committee - Jack

Princess Elizabeth - Jenny B

LCC Committee - Michael

Yorkshire Adults

Rev. Hammond - Calum H C

Colonel Glover  - Daniel Sm

Miss Ferguson - Emma

Mr Thompson - Helen R

Miss Leach - Martha

Mrs Crabtree - Michelle

Mrs Sargent - Tamar

Miss Hicks - Vanessa

London Children

Archie Tuffin - Bridget

George Haynes - Calum C

Barry Spedding - Daniel Sy

Doreen Gridley - Elise

Patricia Crawford - Florence

Mickey Crawford - Jade

Charlie Haynes - James

Barbara Haynes - Jenny W

Maurice Keates - Joe

May Crawford - Katie Al

Brian Spedding - Laurie

Kay Tuffin - Ruth

Jerry Crawford - Sam D

Gordon Wright - Sam H

Joan Forsyth - Stephanie

Yorkshire Village Children

Tom Sutton – Emily B

Freda - Laura

Joe Pearce - Max

Alf Sargent - Michael

Betty Sargent - Miriam

Veronica (Ronnie) Duckworth - Sara

Nativity Play Children

King/Soldier - Abby

Angel/Jesus - Alice

King/Pilot - Amber

Mary - Dominique

King/Sailor - Ella

Inkeeper's Wife - Emily H

Evangelist - Eve

Angel - Jenny B

Joseph - Joshua

Evangelist - Megan

Inkeeper - Michael

Angel - Sophia


Piano - Dave Nelson

Baritone Horn - Adam

Viola - Alice

Cornet - Bridget

Trombone - Calum H C

Euphonium - Daniel Sm

Violin - Eve

Flute - Miriam

Piano - Robin

Cello - Ruth

Violin - Sophia

Directed by Stephen Finegold, Robert Garrett & Gail Waddington

Choreography by Jez Gregg

Set by Tony Clark

Lighting & Sound by Lawrence Dowson

Costume by Tracy Drake, Jan Holden & Aileen Walker

Props by Louise Clark & Lawrence Dowson

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