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Taking our Time 2006

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

March / April 2006

'Taking Our Time', a Red  Ladder play set in the Calder Valley of the 1840's, chronicles the lives  of the Greenwood family as they struggle to come to terms with the  changing lives of the handloom spinners of West Yorkshire as the  industrial revolution changes landscapes and lifestyles.


James Ackroyd - Adam

Mill girl, Knocker Upper - Alex R

William - Alex S

Piece worker, Ackroyd's Daughter - Amber

Performer at fair, Mill girl - Annabel

Annie - Bethan

Peter, Dancer - Calum

Jack Bidwell, Performer at fair - Daniel Sc

John Greenwood - Daniel Sm

Jenny - Elise

Elsie, Pub Song - Florence

Piecer worker, Dancer, Pub Song - Helen R

Narrator - Helen W

Mill girl, Knocker Upper - Holly

Soldier - James E

Narrator - James T

Performer at fair, Mill Girl - Kate

Dorothy - Katie A

Performer at fair, Piece worker - Katie B

Performer at fair, Mill girl - Katy

Mrs Ackroyd, Piece worker - Lauretta

Major Burnside, Performer at fair, Dancer - Laurie

Mrs Edwards, Performer at fair - Lucy

Ackroyd's Daughter, Dancer, Piece Worker -  Madeleine

Mary Greenwood - Martha

Fred, Soldier, Dancer - Max

Peacher, Soldier, Dancer - Michael

Performer at fair, Dancer, Piece worker - Miriam

Clown - Prav

Sarah - Ruth

Mr Miller, Soldier, Piece worker - Sam

Performer at fair, Mill girl - Sophia

Mill Girl, Danncer - Stephanie

Keyboards - Dave Nelson

Bass Guitar - Matthew Finegold

Guitar / Banjo - Stephen Finegold

Percussion - Ben Page

Violin - Holly Page

Clarinet - Helen Wright

Directed by Gillie Kerrod & Frank Brown

Choreography by Jez Gregg

Musical Direction by Dave Nelson

Set by Tony Clark & Louise Clark

Props by Louise Clark & Laurence Dowson

Lights & Sound by Matt Blackmore & Chris Keegan

Costume by Tracy Drake, Aileen Walker & Alison Roberts

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