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The Battle for Badger's Wood

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

May 2005

This is Calderdale Theatre  School's 10th anniversary production of this play, first performed at  Square Chapel in June 1995. Although originally written in the mid  1980's this play may strike a contemporary chord with many local people  as it tells the story of the fight to save a piece of woodland from  developers - greatly assisted by the animals who live there. The cast of  29 young people aged 13 & 14 and play a huge and diverse array of  characters including councillors, workmen, birdwatchers, huntsmen,  animals and birds. The Battle is on!

Written by John Laing.


Squirrel (second act) - Abby

Julie (first act) - Alex

Owl - Amber

Huntsman - Annabelle

Miss Branwing (first act) - Bethan

Huntsman - Charlotte

Rat / Workman - Daniel

Nuthatch - Emma

Fox - Helen R

Golden Oriole / Col. Wetherby - Helen W

Stonechat - Helena

Miss Branwing (second act) - Holly

Henry - Jack

Mole - James E

Rabbit - James P

Landlady / Mouse (first act) - Jenny

Squirrel (first act) – Katie A

Julie (second act) - Katie B

WPC Bunt - Louisa

M. Golden Oriole / Hedgehog - Max

Councillor Evans - Michael

Magpie - Ruth

Badger - Scott

Workman - Sophia

Directed by Robert Garrett & Gail Waddington

Choreography by Jez Gregg

Music by Dave Nelson

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