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The Blue Electric Wind

The Copper Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

February 2018

West Yorkshire Playhouse

May 2018

When  people at school start forgetting things, Scott wonders if he’s the  only one who’s noticed. He and some of the school’s misfits seem to be  the only ones who can see what’s happening.

Brad  Birch the playwright of 'The Blue Electric Wind' on why he wrote the  play: ‘I wanted to write an ensemble adventure story set in an ordinary  school and to create the kind of story I would have enjoyed when I was  the age of the characters. I think there's something interesting in  questions around the role of our memory in society, and how young  people's relationships with their memories change over time.’

Were you in this play?

If you can help us with a cast list please get in touch via the website.

Directed by Gillian Kerrod

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