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The Boy Preference

The Orange Box Studio Theatre, Halifax

February 2015

In an affluent  suburb in the near future, the birth of a boy is welcomed with shouts  of joy and firecrackers, but when a girl is born, the neighbours say  nothing. One night, Joey looks out of his bedroom window and sees many  young women with a strange glow around them - are they the 'missing  women'? Why have they come back?

Written by Elinor Cook  (winner of the George Devine Award 2013 for Most Promising Playwright) for the National  Theatre Connections Festival in 2015.  Produced and directed by ex-members of the Theatre School itself from  Director to Stage Manager, this play explores real-life issues of  sexism, inequality and finding your place both in your own skin and in  your own gender.


The Girls

Lila - Colette

Verity - Layla

June - Georgie

Psychologist 1/Husband/Journalist - Jujin

Psychologist 2/Builder/Farmer - James

The Boys

Joey - Sol

Otto - Flynn

Beetle - Sam

Riley - Robin

Mo - Chris

Directed by Adam Garrett

Assisted by Daniel Cox & William Pugh

Produced by Gillie Kerrod

Set by Tony Clark

Lighting by Joe Moorhead

Stage Management by Jenny Birch

Choreography by Katie Allcott

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