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The Caucasian Chalk Circle 1988

Halifax Playhouse, Halifax


The play is based on a Chinese fable. In the original legend, two women, fighting over a child aqre asked to pull him out of a circle chalked on the ground: the ne who refuses for fear of hurting him is proved to be the true mother.

Written by Bertol Brecht.


Chorus - Emma B, Emma D, Gabrielle

Governor /Jussup / Grand Duke - Daniel B

Natella - Sarah

Shalva / Shaua - Fintan

Arsen - Laurence

Messenger / Nephew - Christopher

Niko Mikadze - Richard M

Nika Loladze / Obaladze - Mark

Simon Shasava - Matthew

Grusha - Madlin

Peasant with milk - Sally

Corporal / Old man - Michael R

Ironshirt - Michael G

Ironshirt / Irakli - Andrew

Wedding Scene - Kate, Rosie, Claire, Neil, Caroline, Madelaine

Market Square - Rosie, Natalie, Sally, Linzi, Danielle, Madelaine, Lisa, Rebecca M

Mourners, Guests, Beggars, Petitioners, Taverners - Nicola W, Anneli, Jackie, Danielle, Rachel B, Tonia, Megan, Lisa, Samantha, Justine, Ella, Rebecca M, Jane, Natalie, Sabina, Sally, Katrina, Rebecca S, Madelaine, Kate, Nicola R, Rachel G, Caroline, Abbey

Children - Callum, Liam, Ben R, Sam, Holly, Richard G,  Ben L, Charlotte

Ironshirt / Wealthy farmer 1 - Richard J

Ironshirt - Stephen

Ironshirt / Peasant / Wealthy farmer 3 - Neil

Peasant's wife - Justine

Lavrenti - Gareth

Aniko - Anneli

Peasant woman - Laura

Monk / Wealthy farmer 2 - James

Azdak - Ben F

Poor old peasant woman - Rachel G

Shuboladze - Richard M

Old Woman - Nicola R

First Woman - Sabina

Second Woman - Jackie

Directed by the Staff of Theatre School

Lighting by John O'Rourke

Costumes by Patsy Quinn and Jacqueline Lambert

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