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The Caucasian Chalk Circle 2008

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

April 2008

In the heat of civil war a mother abandons her son, and the responsibility to rear the child falls upon Grusha, a servant girl. She sacrifices everything in order to respectfully raise the young boy as her own, but when the biological mother returns …

Written by Bertolt Brecht
Translated by Frank McGuinness


Nanny, Grandma - Abby

Grusha Vashnadze - Alex

Younger Woman, Guest - Amber

Stable Girl, Farmer's Wife - Annabel

Older Lady, Farmer's Wife - Bethan

Grusha Vashnadze - Bridget

Governor, Soldier, Refugee - Byron

Soldier, Lavrenti - Callum

Monk, Peasant, Shauva - Daniel

Aniko, Merchant - Florence

Innkeeper, Rider, Ludovica - Helen R

'The Singer' - Helen W

Corporal, Azdak - James

Anna, Lawyer - Jenny

Doctor, Servant, Lawer - Josh

Cook, Merchant - Katie

Prince Kazbeki, Soldier - Levi

Simon Chachava - Lloyd

Adjutant, Jessup, Bizergan - Michael

Maro, Peasant Woman - Nicola

Natella Abashvilli - Ruth

Merchant, Jessup's Mother - Sophia

Servant, Wedding Guest - Steph

Directed by Frank Brown & Gillie Kerrod

Choreography by Jez Gregg

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