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The Dracula Spectacula 1993

The Hippodrome, Todmorden

March 1993

In this bubbling modern extravaganza, the immaculate Miss  Nadia Naive and her three pupils are swung into riotous Transylvanian  happenings with the irrepressible Count and his gruesome acolytes. On  the side of right are noble Nick Necrophilic, Father O'Stake, the cuddly  Hansel and Gretel and the Fuddled Friends; can they prevail over the  forces of darkness when these include the creme de la horrible creme  such as the Countess Wraith, Genghis the groveling minion, the Zombies,  the Fanged Brides and the dynamic sanguineous gentleman the Price of  Vampires himself?

Written by John Gardiner with music by Andrew Parr.

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Directed by Gillian Kerrod

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