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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

March 2013

The adaptation begins with a group of children being separated  from their families at Waterloo station, the youngsters being evacuated  during wartime. They arrive at a professor's house and are allowed to  roam wherever they like as they try to keep themselves occupied on a  rainy day.

This adaptation of the novel by C S Lewis is by Theresa Heskins and was first performed at tne New Vic, Newcastle-under-Lyme.


Peter - Joe C

Susan - Isobelle

Edmund - Sol

Lucy - Juliette

Father - Jack

Mother - Molly

Professor - Joe M

Mrs McReady - Rosie

Mr Tumnus - Daniel

White Witch - Josephine

Quenn's Driver - Tom

Mrs Beaver - Katy

Mr Beaver - William F

Maugrim - Billy

Father Christmas - Jake

Aslan - William P


Parents, Wives, Girlfiends, Guards, Soldiers, Day trippers,

Naiads, Dryads, Guants, Ogres, Centaurs, Eagles,

Leopards, Squirrels, Foxes, Horrors, Wraiths, Wolves,

Ghouls, Spectres and many, many more ...

Aidan                       Holly

Beth                        Joanne

Catherine             Jonathan

Ceri                         Jujin

Charlotte              Penny

Emma                    Robyn

Fin                           Sam


Directed by Stephen Finegold

Assisted by Gillie Kerrod

Movement by Jez Gregg

Music composed and played by Matthew Finegold

Flue played by Catherine

Lighting by Matt Blackmore

Sound by Richard Olive

Set by Tony Clark

Props by Helen Wright, Tracy Drake & Jayne McNulty

Animation by James Huson

Costume by Gill Brown, Tracy Drake & Alison Roberts

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