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The Pilgrimage

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

April 2008

Originally commissioned by  the National Theatre Connections as part of its annual support for new  and original writing for young people, The Pilgrimage is a funny,  original and powerful fable about friends and enemies, families and  foes. Set in a fictitious country two tribes, the shepherds and the  goatherds, live in mutual animosity and fear. Only a miracle can break  the cycle of hatred and revenge...

Written by Paul Goetzee.


Clove, wife of Gregor - Becky

Virgin of the Goatherds, Chorus - Claire

Brag, brother to Gregor - Dario

Sylvia the treewoman, Chorus - Ellie

Josef, a Goatherd - Isaac

Granpa Grimm, Gregor's Father - James

Chaff, daughter of Clove and Gregor - Jessica

Virgin of the Shepherds, Chorus - Rachel

Mermer, Clove's Mother - Rowan

Gregor, a shepherd - Sam Ha

Butt, son of Clove and Grego - Sam He

Lena, wife of Butt - Susi

Mendel, daughter of Clove and Gregor - Tawny

Directed by Robert Garrett & Ben Healey

Choreography by Jez Gregg

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