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The Sun and the Moon

The Minster, Halifax

June 2023

Two pieces of devised theatre exploring the myths, legends and verse of the sun and the moon.

Performed at The Minster, Halifax on 28th June 2023


Icarus and the Sun

Mrs Icarus - Lily-Mae  

Policeman - Cameron  

Witness - Elana 

Ice-cream seller 1 - Bethan

Ice-cream seller 2 - Tilly

Reporter - Tom

Daedalus - Deri

Onlookers and children - Evie, Florentina, Freya, Grace, Ivana, Seth

Extracts from A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Titania - Emelia

Oberon - Finlay

Puck - Betsy

Peaseblossom & Mustardseed - Poppy

Cobweb - Samantha

Oxlip - Thomas

Violet - Samantha

Peter Quince - Eloise

Nic Bottom – a weaver (Pyramus) - Otto

Francis Flute – a bellows mender (Thisbe) - James G

Tom Snout – a tinker (Wall) - Patrick

Snug – a joiner (Lion) - Leo

Robin Starveling – a tailor (Moonshine) - Constance

Icarus and the Sun

Devised and produced by Jenny Birch, Juliette Strobel and Alison Field

Extracts from a Midsummer Night's Dream

Adapted and directed by Robert Garrett, Ben Healey and Alison Field

Costumes and props for both productions by Alison Roberts, Christine Wood and Lisa Gort

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