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The Wardrobe 2014

The Orange Box Studio Theatre, Halifax

February / March 2014

A gripping journey through British history that shows how our country was shaped and how connected we are with our past.

Across seven centuries, small groups of children seek sanctuary in the same solid old wardrobe. It's the safest place they know – but is it safe enough?

Sam Holcroft's play was commissioned as part of the 2014 National Theatre Connections Festival.


Princess Elizabeth, Mary - Josephine

Princess Cecily - Joanne

Daniel, Archie - Sol

Benjamin, Hugo, A - Dan

Matilda, Lauren - Colette

Henry - Fin

Tobias, One - Billy

Caryl, Two - Beth

Sarah - Joanne

Anne, B - Isabelle

Mary, Dido, Chloe - Molly

William - Jujin

Jaffrey, James - William

Tom - Tom

Anthony - Chris

Nell - Layla

Directed by Gillie Kerrod & Adam Garrett

Set by Tony Clark

Props by Helen Wright

Lighting design by Matt Blackmore

Lighting by Joe Moorhead

Sound by Richard Oliver

Costume by Tracy Drake & Q20 Theatre Company

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