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The Wicked Lady

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

April 2011

Lady Barbara Skelton is beautiful, wild and truly wicked. Forced into a  respectable marriage with a man she cannot love, she soon becomes bored  and embarks on a secret life of gambling, highway robbery and murder.  But she is playing a dangerous game. Shadowed by betrayal, threatened by  revenge, can Barbara escape her wicked life? Or will she be abandoned  to her terrible fate?

Adapted by Bryony Lavery from the novel The Life and Death of the Wicked Lady Skelton by Magdalen King-Hall.


Molly - Annie

Thomas Cotterell - Billy

Paulina - Brigid

Barbara's Father - Calum

Catherine Cotterell - Catherine

Twin - Daniel

Ellie Cotterell - Ellie

Aunt - Emma

Henrietta - Florence

Aunt - Holly

Parson - Isaac

Ned Cotterell - James

Ensemble - Jodie

Twin - Joe C

Roger - Joe F

Doctor - Johnny

Hogarth - Joseph F

Aunt - Juilette

Mrs. Munce - Katy

Ensemble - Kieran

Ensemble - Kyle

Constable - Mike

Ensemble - Oliver

Ensemble - Olivia

Kit Locksby - Patrick

Jerry Jackson - Sam

Mrs. Cotterell - Sophie

Joan Cotterell - Tippy

Sir Ralph - William

Barbara - Zoe

Directed by Gillie Kerrod & Stephen Finegold

Choreography by Jez Gregg

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