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The Wind in the Willows

The Red Brick Auditorium, Square Chapel, Halifax

June 2010

Alan  Bennett has written this stage adaptation of the well loved classic by Kenneth Grahame. First performed at the National Theatre, this version is both  true to the original and yet carries the distinctive Bennett hallmark.

This production was performed by Theatre School's Year 9 & 10 group with a special appearance by Year 7.

Do you have any photos of this production? If so please contact us via the website.


Baby Rabbits - Abigail

Policeman - Aidan

Mouse Martha - Alex

Mother Duck - Annalise

Rabbit Robert - Beth

Albert - Billy

Squirrel Shirley, Clerk of the Court - Catherine

Stoat Cyril - Charlie

Hedgehog Billy - Charlotte

Hedgehog Tommy - Colette

Mouse Mary, Duckling - Daniel

Mouse Martin - Eleanor

Mouse Margaret - Elise

Squirrel Samuel, Monica - Ella

Hedgehog Harold - Ellie

Toad - Emma

Rabbit Rose - Esther

Mouse Maureen, Duckling - Eve D

Mole - Eve G

Stoat Stuart, Ticket Clerk - Fin

Badger - Florence

Weasel Wilfred - Freddie

Mouse Mark, Duckling - Grace

Toad - Holly

Hedgehog Herbert, Bargewoman - Isabelle

Mouse Malcolm - Isla

Duckling - Izzy

Rat - Jack

Rat - Joe C

Weasel Norman - Joe M-H

Directed by Robert Garrett & Ben Healey

Choreography byJez Gregg

Sound Creation & Production by Steve Broomhead

Lighting by Matt Blackmore

Set by Tony Clark

Sound by Richard Olive

Costume by Gill Brown, Tracy Drake, Tansey Dyer, Justine Sutcliffe & Aileen Walker

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