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The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

The Orange Box Studio Theatre, Halifax

June 2014

A large  number of wolves have migrated from the bitter cold of Europe and Russia into Britain via a new "channel tunnel", and terrorise the inhabitants in their continuing hunting.

Adapted by Russ Tunney from the novel by Joan Aiken.


Dora the kitchen maid, Chorus - Alexandra

Clara the parlour maid, Chorus - Alice

Ruby the parlour maid, Chorus - Alisha

School Inspector, John the Groom, Chorus - Andrew

Freda the kitchen maid, Emma, Chorus - Anna

Simon - Charlie

James - Christian

Jenkins the Butler, Abednego Gripe, Chorus - David

Dr Field, Solly the Under Butler, Chorus - Declan

Assistant Cook, Chorus - Elanor

Bonnie (1st half) - Elisha

Mrs Brisket - Ellie

The children were played by members of the cast.

Miss Slighcarp (2nd half) - Eve

Mr Shubunkin the cook, Chorus - Harry

Dr. Morne, Timon the steward, Chorus - Henry

Mr Wilderness, James the stable boy - James

Pattern the maid, Chorus - Lauren

Bonnie (2nd half) - Lillie

Sir Willoughby, Marl - Matthew

Miss Slighcarp (1st half) - Molly

Mr Grimshaw - Nathan

Sylvia (1st half) - Olivia

Sylvia (2nd half) - Rayen

Directed by Robert Garrett, Ben Healey & Stephen Finegold

Set by Tony Clark

Lighting by Matt Blackmore

Sound by Richard Olive

Props by Jenny Birch

Costume by Adelle Beswick & Alison Roberts

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