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The Apple

Performed: 6th July 2006


Performed by the Year 7 group as part of ‘Young Brilliance’, The Apple is a satire about the perceptions that people create and project upon art. Set in an art gallery, it explores, in an absurd way, how some people mistakenly think the work of art is responsible for their perceptions, and how sometimes this thinking can culminate in an act of censorship.

Cast & Crew

Written by: Jimmy Brunelle

Full cast list (in alphabetical order):

Patrick Costello

Rebecca Crossfield

Joseph Finegold

Chakra Manggilingan

Amy Moorhouse

Ella Mottram

Laura Thompson

Tippy Uhuru



Janitor, Rope

Elvis, Cally


Moocher, Petula, Mona

Mime, Lara

Announcer, Peevish, Curly


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