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The Chair

Performed: July 2005


The Chair tells the history of a chair as it passes through the hands of its various owners - the honest, the dishonest, the humble and the regal. Part of Young Brilliance performances.

Cast & Crew

Written by: Geoff Bamber

Full cast list (in alphabetical order):

Sammi Bartle

Tawny Castle Pierce

Jasmine Costello

Becki Dix

David Fearns

Ben Green

Rachel Griffiths

Sarah Hirts

Amy Leonard

Rowan Mataran

Hannah Pilkington

Heather Plumpton

Robin Oakley

Child 2, Robber 4

Throne Engineer, Robber 2

Daughter, Soldier 1

Child 3, Constable

King, Tramp

Son, Soldier 2, Child 1


Child 4, Robber 3

Wizard, Doctor


Woodcutter's Wife, Crafty

Sly, Robber 1

Woodcutter, Inspector


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