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The Monkey King

Performed: 30th May - 1st June 2013


The adventures of Monkey, a loveable rogue, born from simple stone but destined for the highest order have delighted both young and old across the globe for centuries. A heroic quest overcoming great adversity, encountering Gods, demons and dragons but finding friends along the way, this is a story overflowing with magic.

Join us for the premiere of this lively new adaptation of an ancient classic tale brought to the stage by a 40 strong cast of talented young performers. Trained by the exceptional musicians of Gyoko Taiko, the cast will flood the stage with live music bringing you the dramatic rhythms of this Oriental tradition.

Cast & Crew

Full cast list (in alphabetical order):

Colette McNulty 

Elisha Cruthers

Charlotte Forrester

Isabelle Firth

Olivia Huson

Lillie Hutt 

Charles Royle

Ellie Paisley 

Robin Simnett 

Elisha Cruthers 

Eve Brennan 

Elanor Ludlam 

Abigail Rolt 

Arthur Hutchinson

Max Holmes 

Anna Gregory

Tamarah Varley

Chico Kerouac

Liam Dunn

Sophie Wisniewski 

Eleanor Farragher-Siddall 

Caitlin  Glenn 

Matthew Orford

Nathan Baber 

Robina Murray 

Sam Rothery

Millie Nunn

Andrew Olley

David Ketley  

Grace Hey

Eve Dootson

Rayen Gonzalez 

Georgie Jessop 

Daniel Russell 

Harry Prince 

Eve Dootson  

Niamh Collins

Bethan Whippey

Rayen Gonzalez 

Emma Nicholson

Lisa Oliver 


Monkey Chorus/Monkey Council/

Traveller’s Chorus

Monkey Chorus/Monkey Council/Buddha Ensemble/Fragrant Orchid

Monkey Chorus/Monkey Council

Buddha Ensemble/Yama

Monkey Chorus/Buddha Ensemble/

Blue Orchid

Monkey Chorus/Dragon Kings Flunkey/

Buddha Ensemble/Servant

Opening Chorus/Tripitaka

Opening Chorus/Pigsy

Master Subhodi/Ehr-Lang/Dragon 

Disciples: Pupil 1

Pupil 2 

Pupil 3/Buddha Ensemble

Demon of Havoc/Iron Fan Princess

Demon of Havoc’s Imps/Dragon/Water Imp/Lao-Ping/Servant

Demon of Havoc's Imps/Water Imp/Li-Po/Red Boy

Demon of Havoc's Imps/Water Imp

Demon of Havoc's Imps/Water Imp

Demon of Havoc's Imps/Dragon/MC/A child/Water Imp

Demon of Havoc's Imps/Dragon/Water Imp

Demon of Havoc's Imps/Water Imp

Jade Empress/A Young Woman

Spirit of the Planet Venus/Dragon/Buddha Ensembe/Servant

Yama’s Henchmen/Dragon/Red Legged Immortal/Mr Kao/An Old Man/Wu-Cheng-En

Yama's Henchmen/VOICE OF Buddha/Li-Po

Dragon/Water Imp

Dragon/Water Imp

Dragon/Water Imp

Dragon King/Lao-Ping

Dragon King/Chou-Lai

Dragon King/Buddha Ensemble/

Buddha Ensemble

Buddha Ensemble/Ang-Sen

Buddha Ensemble

Guan Yin/Jade Orchid


Mr Kao's Son

Jade Orchid

Jade Orchid

Bull King


Gyoko Taiko

Directed by: Stephen Finegold, Robert Garrett & Louise Clark

Assisted by: Ben Healey

Choreography: Katie Allcott

Lighting by: Matt Blackmore

Sound/Music by: Richard Olive

Set by: Tony Clark

Props by: Louise Clark

Costume by: Gill Brown, Tracy Drake & Alison Roberts


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