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Us & Them

Performed: March 2003


A One Act play, the story begins with two groups of wanderers looking for a place to settle. They agree to share and mark the line between their territories, then build a small wall. The wall is built higher and then still higher. Suspicion and mistrust grow to the point where the groups must inevitably explode in conflict. In addition to performances at Square Chapel, Us and Them was performed as part of a regional one act play festival and won first prize in the youth section.

Cast & Crew

Written by: David Campton

Full cast list (in alphabetical order):

Kathy Bradbury

Elise Birch

Abby Clyndes

Lauren Krenc

Bryonie Milroie Smith

Lucy McCann

Amy Searle

Emma Waddington

Christ Bennets

Gordon Powell

Pravinda Mahk

Simon Thompson

Robert Tyson

Jonathan Wardman

Matthew Wood


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